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Point Guard

DDevin Ballam 

Basketball Resume





Coachable u Team Leadership u Team Building u Hard Work u Focused Practice u Court Savvy

                                                   Dribbling u Passing u Defense u Shooting u Smart                                            

Dynamic, self-driven, focused point guard with a unique combination of speed, athleticism, and skills enhanced by 12 years of experience playing on very competitive teams.  Desire for top academic school with a competitive basketball program.  Organizes and participates in community service.


 ‘What others say…’

‘The one thing about Devin Ballam as a player I like is his desire to work hard. Over the last three years I’ve seen that hard work pay off in his game on both the offense and defensive side…’

Curtis Symonds, Owner Hoop Magic


‘Just entering Chantilly High School (VA), Ballam will be a name to remember, as the young guy eats and drinks hoops, is talented and desires to improve’

‘…He can do everything’ … ‘He can shoot and get to the basket. He can do it all.’

Marty Small, AAU Coach


‘Devin is our quarterback on offense and our defensive leader. Devin has many skills and qualities which make him an outstanding young man and player.’

‘Devin loves to play and is always in the gym working on his game.’

‘Devin is the best conditioned player in our program’

James Smith, Chantilly High School Varsity Coach


Basketball TrackStarting Varsity Point Guard                                                                                                                       2009/2010Chantilly High School AAA, (Junior Year)                                                                                               Chantilly, VASupply team vision and leadership critical for the team’s success – the general on the court„  Played in Gonzaga D.C. Classic tournament„  20 win 8 loss„  All District Team, Concord District„  Regional Championship„  State Semifinals„  Most Minutes per Game„  Played in Every Game 

Starting Varsity Point Guard                                                                                                                       2008/2009Chantilly High School AAA (Sophomore Year)                                                                                       Chantilly, VASupply team vision and leadership critical for the team’s success„  21 win 4 loss„  District Championship„  Most Minutes per Game„  All District Defensive Team, Concord District 

Varsity Point Guard                                                                                                                                      2007/2008Chantilly High School AAA (Freshman Year)                                                                                          Chantilly, VAFirst player off the bench – brought spark to the court„  9 Minutes per Game Average„  2 Varsity Starts„  Only Player to Play in Every Game„  District Finals 


Basketball TrackPoint Guard                                                                                                                                                    2009/2010Hoop Magic Adult League                                                                                                                            Fairfax, VA„  Played on Caron Butler’s Team – Very Competitive 

Starting Point Guard                                                                                                                2005/2006 – 2008/2009Fairfax Stars AAU                                                                                                                                         Fairfax, VASupplied team stability, vision, and court leadership„  VA AAU D1 VA State Champions (2005/2006)„  2005/2006 Co-MVP for State AAU D1 Finals„  Led team to top 8 at 2006/2007 AAU Nationals 

Power Forward/Center                                                                                                                               2004 – 2005Fairfax Stars AAU                                                                                                                                          Fairfax VACreated unique threat of size and ball handling ability underneath„  Played Up a Year„  Trusted in Close Games 

Coaches Information 

Chantilly High School: James Smith e-Mail: Work Phone: 703-222-6306AAU Team Takeover: Marty Small e-Mail: Mobile Phone: 703-819-7134



Team Leadership / Self Motivation / Listening /Ball Handling / Learning / Hard Work / Diligence / Consistency / Speed / Jumping / Quickness / Tenacity / Endurance / Hustle / Shooting / Passing / Assists / Minimizing Turnovers / Buzzer Beaters / Slashing / Encouraging Others / Court Smarts / Practicing Hard / Playing Hard / Defense / Steals / Boxing Out / Rebounds / Building Unity / Honor Roll / Honors and Advanced Placement Courses


Academics„  GPA: 3.677„  Honors Courses„  Advanced Placement Courses


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